Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eating a Cookie

Hadley ate a home made chocolate chip cookie.
What a mess!!!!

I think she liked it.


My friend Ryann gave us the idea to string beads on pipe cleaners. We gave it a go and it was a huge hit! Look at all the pretty colors!

She seemed to really enjoy it. She was really good at stringing them on.
We made some pretty bracelets.

I like to push the stool around the kitchen

Hello, my name is Lydia and I like to drive this stool around the kitchen!

I'm very cute!

I can drive it over here by the fridge!

Sometimes I like to stop and bang it with a spoon!!
Comin atcha!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Trip to the Dentist

Hadley and Mandy getting ready to go into the dentist's office.

Mandy had to sit in the chair first. She rode up and down and they looked at her teeth!

Hadley didn't want to sit in the chair by herself, so we all did!

Then she got to brush the teeth of Jeffry the Giraffe.

"Check out my new toothbrush!"

"Hmmm, what prize should I pick?"

Yeah for clean teeth!