Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lydia Joy

Throughout this whole pregnancy I had had a strong desire to have a natural labor and delivery with as little medical intervention as possible. And I'm happy to say I got exactly what I wanted. We hired a doula to help us accomplish this and to be a liaison between us and the hospital staff during the delivery. She was very helpful to me and I'm not sure I would have been as prepared or calm if we hadn't met and discussed what to expect with a natural labor and delivery before hand.
My due date was June 3rd, and at 5 days past due, I was miserable and ready to have a baby.
I woke up at 1:30 am on the 9th to a somewhat stronger contraction than I had been having (off and on the whole day before). Then a few minutes later I had a second one that was about the same. I wasn't sure if I should wake up Bryan or not. But then I had one that was so super strong I grabbed his arm and decided that this was for real.
After that one was over, we talked about how long we should wait to call his mom and Julie the doula. It was storming, and we didn't want to wait too long, but we didn't want to be too eager. I'd say 2 contractions later we called them both. It was 2:00 by this point. While we waited, I labored in bed and Bryan packed the rest of our hospital bag. At this time I think they were 3 to 4 minutes apart. That's when Cheryl and the doula got here. Julie asked me some questions and helped me through some contractions and we decided it was time to head to the hospital.
Getting down the stairs was the hardest part. I didn't want to do anything but lay in bed, so I had to wait till one contraction was over and then pretty much go as fast as I could down to the couch to recover. Then I waited for the next one to be over, and then I got to the van as fast as I could. The van ride was super uncomfortable. I kept my eyes closed the whole time. It's only like a 7 to 10 minute trip, but I felt like it took hours. Every time we turned a corner or slowed or accelerated, everything became 10 times worse.
We pulled up to the hospital, and there happened to be 2 nurses hanging out at the door. They weren't even from L&D, so I'm not sure what they were doing there but it sure was a life saver. They grabbed a wheel chair for me and helped Bryan with our stuff. Once upstairs they triaged me which was totally ridiculous because I was having the urge to push and was clearly ready to give birth! Then they moved me to a L&D room and we waited for just a little bit for the doctor to get there. They kept trying to get an IV in me (which I didn't really want anyway, but consented to due to the fact that I had a positive Beta test and it's best for baby if you get antibiotics before they are born) but they couldn't get my vein. They tried and tried, but I hardly noticed between the contractions and laboring. They finally gave up because the Dr. got there and said we didn't have time for a round of antibiotics anyway because the baby was coming now.
He broke my water and there was meconium in it. That means that the baby had pooped in utero and, if swallowed, that can lead to complications. So, they said I couldn't delay the cord clamping because they needed to suction her out really well immediately after birth. I was kinda bummed, but that was the only part of my birth plan that didn't go according to what I wanted, and it was for an actually legitimate reason, so I was ok with it.
I started pushing with the next conctraction. And it is a lot different to push for 2 1/2 hours with an epidural vs. pushing for 15 minutes without one. So, less than 45 minutes after we got to the hospital, Lydia was born weighing an amazing 10 pounds 10 ounces. I did not expect her to be that big! But we got through it. After they cleaned her up, and brought her over, we started nursing right away. And boy is she good at it!
I was really shaky afterward, and could hardly hold up her massive weight in my arms. I think I was in shock a little bit and I was very limp and lethargic for a while. But once I got some food and a shower everything got better from there.
They moved us to recover at about 8:00 am and we took a nap and then the visitors started to arrive!
I'm so excited that my baby girl is here. She's so perfect and looks NOTHING like her sister, which is so bizarre to me. I thought for sure they would look something alike!
Since we've been home Hadley has been so excited to be a big sister. She is a great helper and is genuinely joyful and happy. We've had minimal fits, and minimal potty accidents. She likes to hold baby's hand and pat her on the head, but she isn't overly touchy and gives me space to nurse the baby when I need to.
When we left the hospital, Lydia was down to 9 pounds 12 oz but yesterday at her Dr's appt she was back up to 10 lbs and has officially outgrown everything in the newborn size....most of which she never even wore at all. She's sleeping in good 3 hour chunks, and one night even gave me 4 hours in a row. She wakes up ready to nurse and then goes right back to sleep for the most part. It's rough being alive!
Enjoy some pics!:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Touch a Truck Day

We went to a park in Avon last Saturday for Touch a Truck Day. Hadley LOVED the fire trucks, tractors and police cars. She also had fun sliding and swinging on the playground! Made for some really cute pictures!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Christian Homekeeper Network

I jut finished week one of Spring Cleaning. My Kitchen hasn't looked this good ever. It probably wasn't even this clean when we moved in since the house sat empty 2 years prior to us. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Christian Homekeeper network's 5 weeks to a clean and organized home. I've always wanted to do spring cleaning, but I never really knew how to go about it. I'm so glad someone took the time to give me a list. I'm love lists and crossing them off! So that works for me.
Another aspect of this blog/community that I enjoy is the writing prompts. It gives me things to think about. Sometimes I blog using the writing prompts and sometimes I don't but I like how they challenge me to think about the things going on in my home.
Bryan even got involved in my kitchen cleaning. My big 8 month pregnant belly was getting in the way, so he got on the floor and scrubbed the kick board under the cabinets for me. I was very thankful he took the time to do that. The best thing about my new clean kitchen is the spot behind the trashcan. I hate looking back there, but I made myself sweep it out and mop it and now it doesn't gross me out as much. Thanks Christian Homekeeper for helping me with my spring cleaning!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Clean Fridge!!

My fridge is way clean and organized. I got rid of all the junk that needed to be thrown away and I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. That was monday.

So, on Tuesday I sprayed out our kitchen trash can, Hadley's diaper pail, and the dirty orange tubs we use for our recyclables.

Yesterday Hadley and I went to the park and then I had a Dr's appt so there was no spring cleaning yesterday, but then today I started on the cabinets. Hadley was such a big help. We started with the up top cabinets and took everything out (this was Hadley's favorite part!) and then I wiped the cabinets clean with soapy water. Then we threw out everything that was old/expired. Next, Hadley helped me put everything back in place. Very organized. I also wiped down the outside of the cabinet doors as well. We got through 2 upper cabinets and 3 drawers. We had a lot of fun taking out all the silverware and then replacing it once the drawer and organizer was clean. Hadley is very good at putting the knives/forks/spoons back where they go. Maybe tonight after bedtime or tomorrow during nap time I'll work on the cabinet under the sink...I'm dreading that one!

Also, I finished the soaker/skirty that I'm making for baby sister. Here's Hadley showing off my work:

Monday, April 5, 2010

5 weeks to a clean and organized home!

I'm following a blog called the Christian Homekeepers Network and I'm very excited about their spring cleaning incentive program! Hopefully I can stay motivated and my house will be super clean in 5 weeks! This week is the kitchen. Hadley and I are going to be busy bees, but I'm glad the house will have gotten a good cleaning before baby sister comes.

Here's a pic of Hadley being cute and picking up Easter Eggs

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cute things Hadley did today

We have a pink little broom and dustpan. Whenever there are crumbs on the high chair or anything else I'd like to sweep up real quick, I grab use our pink broom and dust pan. Yesterday Hadley saw some crumbs on the floor and started to wipe them up with a towel. I told that wouldn't work so well and we should use the pink broom. So we got it down and cleaned up the crumbs. She then proceeded to walk around the house cleaning things for a while. Later in the day, she saw herself in the mirror after having eaten a chocolate graham cracker and she had crumbs all over her mouth. So she picked up the discarded pink broom and tried to brush it off her face. Gross, but very resourceful. Today she was outside playing in her play house when she noticed a puddle of water on the little table in there. So she runs inside and points to the pink broom and dust pan! I'm so impressed with how smart she is! I told her that this was the time to use a towel.
We have been playing outside so much with the warm weather upon us. She loves to play in her house and to swing. But we have a hard time being done with swinging. Today, we had a timer while we were swinging. I told her that when the timer beeped that meant we would do one more push and be done. 10 minutes later, the timer beeps and she says "one more" Then I explain to her that if she gets off the swing like a big girl and doesn't throw a fit that she can have a sticker. I started to unbuckle her and she began fussing a little big until I reminded her about the sticker. "sticker" she said. So we waved bye to the swing and then we came inside and got to put a sticker on our chart. She was very excited. And it was nice to not have a giant fit in them middle of the back yard and me have to fight to get her to come inside.
There was a little time left before nap, so I let her continue to play outside while I knitted. She decided she would push her baby in the swing. And she probably continued to do so for 30 minutes. I really didn't want to interupt the peacefulness, but it was nap time. I walked over to the swing and told her it was time for baby to take a nap. "is baby going to throw a fit, or is she going to be a big girl and get a sticker?" So she grabbed baby, waved bye to the swing and came inside. She went straight to where the stickers are. Then I handed her a sticker, and she put it in baby's hand. And baby "put" it on the sticker chart. Then she gave baby hugs and kisses for being such a good girl. Then we took off our shoes and went upstairs for a nap! It was the easiest transition to nap ever! I couldn't believe how well that went. And it was so adorable how she was so proud of her baby for not throwing a fit!
While she has been napping I have done a load of laundry, hung it out to dry on this beautiful day, started another load. Put dinner in the crock pot. Then I made my 2nd attempt at Peach Jell-O Hopefully this batch will be edible. Now I need to stuff diapers and then everything should be crossed off my list! The windows are open and I'm feeling very housewife-y today.
Maybe after nap we'll go for a walk!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Homekeeper's Journal

Here’s What’s happening …..

In My Kitchen …. I've been trying new recipes, not Bryan's favorite thing that I do. But I like having something new every once in a while. The next recipe I'm trying is White Chicken Chilli. I have been limited to one new thing a week. For lunch I've been making myself chicken paninis grilled on the stove. So yummy. A hot sandwich really hits the spot!

With The Children ….. Hadley is doing well entertaining herself even though we can't go out and play. She is in love with Elmo and Mickey at the moment. This morning she say Mickey at the grocery store and wanted him. He was on a box of fruit snacks. I am not feeding her those! Why can't they use Mickey to advertise something healthier!

What I’m Reading … In the last 2 weeks I've finished 2 books and started 2 others. I read a book called "the baby bond" which I LOVED so much that I started reading other books she recommended. I read a book called "Get me out: childbirth from Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank" and I thought it was very well written and interesting. I loved learning what people thought about fertility, labor and delivery, and other things back in the dark ages. It was quite enlightening. Now I've switched gears and am reading the Barbara Walters memoir entitled "Audition" I've just started it and it's really long so we'll see if I can finish it before it's due back at the library.

What I Have Been Learning … patience, organization. I have been asked to be the VBS leader as well as the Nursery Coordinator and now I'm also teaching a sunday school class during second service at church. I"m just a substitute, but it may be a while before they find a permanent person to take over, so we'll see how that goes. I'm very excited and slightly overwhelmed! But I think organization will conquer all!

What I’ve Been Noticing …. I'm not mainstream at all. I think I've known this for a while, but the more books I read from the library, the more I find myself questioning everything from pharmaceuticals to dairy to obstetrics to public school.

On The Back Burner of My Mind …. Spring. I can't wait to have some tomato plants growing in my back yard.

In The Deepest Darkest Recesses …. I'm not sure what to write in this category. I think I'll have to work on it for a while before I come up with something.