Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Hadley was very excited about Valentine's Day this year. She talked about it the whole week leading up to it. We had decided to bake cookies and take them to everyone at Daddy's work that day and she was really looking forward to it. Since she was so excited I decided to run with it! We had hear decorations all around the house: on the mantle on the TV on the doors, on the cabinets in the kitchen, going up the staircase. The girls thought that was really fun. We also had heart shaped food all day long!
Here is a picture of our decorated living room and the girls are playing with balloons they got when they woke up in the morning!

This is our heart shaped toast for breakfast

After we went to bible class we came home to heart shaped PBJ's for lunch!

After they ate their lunch they got their giant heart shaped cookies. This was the highlight of the day! I think they were very cute eating cookies the size of their head.

Here are some pictures of the cookies we passed out at Daddy's work. Hadley did a very good job walking up to each person and saying in a clear and audible voice "Happy Valentine's Day." I was so impressed by her because that is very much outside her comfort zone and she did an excellent job of it. It helped that we practiced beforehand. Bryan and I really want to teach her that we can make people feel respected and important by making eye contact and smiling. I also wanted to show her how nice it is to give to other people and this was a chance to practice both. And a chance for mommy to use her mixer and play with flooding sugar cookies.

I put John 15:13 on the cards and on the back I put my website for Joyful Bakes so maybe if they like my cookies they'll order some more :) It was a fun Valentine's Day!