Friday, June 19, 2009

Today's goings on

Went to Lauren's house this morning and got hang out with all the kiddos. She has 6 at her house right now. Her neices and nephew and her sister are all there plus her 2 kids, so she's busy! But it was nice to let Hadley play with all the big kids. She loves to follow them around. Then Hadley and I went to stupid Walmart to get Bryan a father's day present. Not really an exciting one, but I think it's sweet. Maybe next year Hadley will be big enough to make her daddy a card! How cute.

I've been asked to do some document translating for a medical research group assosiated with Riley Hospital for Children. I'm very excited to get to do some work with my spanish again. It will be totally through email and I'm going to get started on my first project today during nap time. Which is right now, so I guess I better stop blogging and start translating! Good luck to me because I'm pretty rusty!

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