Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Homekeeper's Journal

Here’s What’s happening …..

In My Kitchen …. I've been trying new recipes, not Bryan's favorite thing that I do. But I like having something new every once in a while. The next recipe I'm trying is White Chicken Chilli. I have been limited to one new thing a week. For lunch I've been making myself chicken paninis grilled on the stove. So yummy. A hot sandwich really hits the spot!

With The Children ….. Hadley is doing well entertaining herself even though we can't go out and play. She is in love with Elmo and Mickey at the moment. This morning she say Mickey at the grocery store and wanted him. He was on a box of fruit snacks. I am not feeding her those! Why can't they use Mickey to advertise something healthier!

What I’m Reading … In the last 2 weeks I've finished 2 books and started 2 others. I read a book called "the baby bond" which I LOVED so much that I started reading other books she recommended. I read a book called "Get me out: childbirth from Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank" and I thought it was very well written and interesting. I loved learning what people thought about fertility, labor and delivery, and other things back in the dark ages. It was quite enlightening. Now I've switched gears and am reading the Barbara Walters memoir entitled "Audition" I've just started it and it's really long so we'll see if I can finish it before it's due back at the library.

What I Have Been Learning … patience, organization. I have been asked to be the VBS leader as well as the Nursery Coordinator and now I'm also teaching a sunday school class during second service at church. I"m just a substitute, but it may be a while before they find a permanent person to take over, so we'll see how that goes. I'm very excited and slightly overwhelmed! But I think organization will conquer all!

What I’ve Been Noticing …. I'm not mainstream at all. I think I've known this for a while, but the more books I read from the library, the more I find myself questioning everything from pharmaceuticals to dairy to obstetrics to public school.

On The Back Burner of My Mind …. Spring. I can't wait to have some tomato plants growing in my back yard.

In The Deepest Darkest Recesses …. I'm not sure what to write in this category. I think I'll have to work on it for a while before I come up with something.

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