Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Like Mommy

Hadley has several items that help her be just like mommy. She loves to help clean, or care for her babies, or play on her computer whenever I'm doing those things. It's really just about the cutest thing ever.
Now, I've noticed around the house where she is storing her like items. So, here's a tour of all the things she has like mommy and where they live:

Our brooms in the utility closet

Our vacuums together in the coat closet

My hotsling to wear baby sister, And her little baby doll wearer
And, (what I think is the cutest) her pink computer right next to mommy's pink computer. She even 'gets on facebook' and 'checks her email' on it!!

I need to take a picture of us at the grocery store because she has her own grocery cart, baby in the cart, list, and wallet that we have to take every week so she can shop too!

Oh, and then she also does like to be just like Daddy sometimes:

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