Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We are trying to teach Hadley to be a good helper and to do things around the house. I don't think we're actually going to call them chores because that makes them sound like they are something bad. I've heard of people calling them duties, or jurisdictions, or other things. I'm sure we'll come up with a word eventually. But, she is going to have certain things she's in charge of on a daily basis. Right now she's excited about helping with everything. (see previous post about mommy's helper). I'm planning on making a master chore list and giving her special jobs of her own. Right now she brings her dishes to the kitchen after a meal. Then she wipes down the table and her chair and her booster seat. She also takes the dirty napkins to the washing machine. Then she pushes in her chair. If I sweep the floor after that meal, then she helps do that too. Her other job is to put away the silverware every time we unload the dishwasher.
She's very helpful in lots of aspects. She likes to help put away laundry as well. I find that if I sit around most of the day and don't do much, we have a whiny day. But if I get up and do a lot of work, I have a helper to do it all, and she stays busy with me all day. Win-win. Get stuff done and keep Hadley busy! I'll be sure to post our chore charts when I get them done!

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