Sunday, April 11, 2010

Christian Homekeeper Network

I jut finished week one of Spring Cleaning. My Kitchen hasn't looked this good ever. It probably wasn't even this clean when we moved in since the house sat empty 2 years prior to us. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Christian Homekeeper network's 5 weeks to a clean and organized home. I've always wanted to do spring cleaning, but I never really knew how to go about it. I'm so glad someone took the time to give me a list. I'm love lists and crossing them off! So that works for me.
Another aspect of this blog/community that I enjoy is the writing prompts. It gives me things to think about. Sometimes I blog using the writing prompts and sometimes I don't but I like how they challenge me to think about the things going on in my home.
Bryan even got involved in my kitchen cleaning. My big 8 month pregnant belly was getting in the way, so he got on the floor and scrubbed the kick board under the cabinets for me. I was very thankful he took the time to do that. The best thing about my new clean kitchen is the spot behind the trashcan. I hate looking back there, but I made myself sweep it out and mop it and now it doesn't gross me out as much. Thanks Christian Homekeeper for helping me with my spring cleaning!

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