Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Clean Fridge!!

My fridge is way clean and organized. I got rid of all the junk that needed to be thrown away and I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. That was monday.

So, on Tuesday I sprayed out our kitchen trash can, Hadley's diaper pail, and the dirty orange tubs we use for our recyclables.

Yesterday Hadley and I went to the park and then I had a Dr's appt so there was no spring cleaning yesterday, but then today I started on the cabinets. Hadley was such a big help. We started with the up top cabinets and took everything out (this was Hadley's favorite part!) and then I wiped the cabinets clean with soapy water. Then we threw out everything that was old/expired. Next, Hadley helped me put everything back in place. Very organized. I also wiped down the outside of the cabinet doors as well. We got through 2 upper cabinets and 3 drawers. We had a lot of fun taking out all the silverware and then replacing it once the drawer and organizer was clean. Hadley is very good at putting the knives/forks/spoons back where they go. Maybe tonight after bedtime or tomorrow during nap time I'll work on the cabinet under the sink...I'm dreading that one!

Also, I finished the soaker/skirty that I'm making for baby sister. Here's Hadley showing off my work:

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