Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here comes Peter Cottontail

These are going in Hadley's Easter Basket, but she won't remember that she already saw them. She wore them around the whole store while I shopped and I was so shocked that she didn't rip them right off! Yeah, how cute! What are some other ideas that everyone is doing for Easter baskets? Let me know!


  1. ha, she is so cute!!! Lillian wore some for her pics and they were so adorable! I need ideas on what to get Lillian for Easter, im thinking book/toys/clothes. Hadley is getting so very big!! We really need to get together!

  2. Sweet pictures Emily! Love the little skirt you made! How amazing! As for the Easter basket, how about some plastic eggs with puffs or cheerios that Hadley can eat? Ty's not there yet, but it's an idea! :) What a big girl Hadley is becoming!!! Such a doll! Hopefully we can catch up soon!