Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vera Bradley

A few years ago Amber and I went to the Vera Bradley Extravaganza Sale. It was so fun! Now Amber works at a Vera Bradley store in Plainfield, and her boss gave her 2 tickets to the preview VIP day before it opens to the public!!! I'm so excited that she asked me to go with her. She's taking a 1/2 day off school and Bryan's mom is going to watch Hadley. And we'll have a girl's day road trip next Tuesday! Now, I can't buy anything, but I'm hoping that since it's a VIP day we might get a gift basket or something!! Hey, a girl can hope can't she! Just wanted to share my excitement!

Also, today at my ladies bible study Hadley had a fun time playing with our hostess's cat. She's never been around a cat, and they were fast friends. Either she was chasing the cat around and petting it, or the cat was chasing her and batting at her toys or her jacket. It was very funny, and it kept her busy the whole time. That would have been really nice if we'd actually done a study today, but we only chatted and picked our next study. I'm interested to see how she reacts when the rabbit comes home for the summer. (she's currently living in an art room at my Aunt's elementary school) I bet she'll have fun chasing the rabbit around the house! How Cute!

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