Saturday, January 31, 2009

CSPIA Update

The CSPIA decided that there were too many errors in their law and have decided to postpone its implementation for at least a year! So I can knit and crochet and sew as much as I want for at least the next year! Yeah. I'm glad they realized how ridiculous it was and maybe they can reword it so that it will be an excellent law when they finally do implement it.
A few weeks ago I called a couple area Once Upon A Child's to confirm that they were doing a Grab Bag sale. Well, the one closest to me was not, so this morning we drove all the way up the the Castleton one. I was so excited to get some deals. They had said on the phone that it would be $10 a bag, and it ended up being $15 for the bag. Plus, it was limited to only the 5 rounders of clearance items. I needed some 18 and 24 month clothes, but there were only a few to choose from and it was so disappointing. We left without getting anything and I'm so bummed. Hadley fussed the whole time we were in the car and it was all for nothing. Now I'm seriously having garage sale withdrawal. I thought this OUAC sale would put a band aid on it for now. Nope! I can't wait until it gets warm enough to go get some deals!

It's time for the first installment of "Things I got for free this week!"
1. 2 hershey bars
2. 4 Reese's whips candy bars
3. 3 bags of Quaker "quakes" mini rice snacks
4. 1 Reynold's wrap foil

I love coupons!!!!!!!!

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