Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting over a bug

Yuck. What a week. Hadley's been having diarrhea diapers since Sunday. Then I got a super duper cold. Then Bryan got the flu. We've had some long nights at our house over the past few days. Hadley's diapers have been so bad that I've resorted to using disposables. I hate throwing my money away, but the poo was staining all our pretty cloth! And we can't have that at all. But we seem to be getting a little better. Hopefully soon we can go somewhere. It's been way way too cold to even go to the mailbox. So, here's a picture of us being shut ins. Bryan and Hadley really like to play Xbox!

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  1. Hi Emily! It's been a long time! It's so good to "see" Hadley! We were sad not to make it to her 1st bday party. I hope we can get together before TOO much longer!!