Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well, we haven't posted for a week. I guess nothing can top Hadley walking!
Today we went to Hadley's cousin's birthday party. Mason turned 2. It was fun hanging out with everyone. Hadley had a fun time seeing all the little kids. She watched them all play, but wasn't too keen on joining in. She hovered right by us the whole time. But boy did she enjoy the cake! We were lucky that she napped at her Mammaw and Pappaw's house before we went, otherwise she would have been a grouch.
I've been knitting for my fellow cloth diaper moms on Diaper Swappers for the past month. Some people use diapers that need an outer layer (I don't use that kind) and some of these moms like the convenience, and cuteness, of knit pants. If you use wool, it holds in all the wetness, plus wool has antibacterial qualities that make it perfect for this use. So, I've been offering my knitting services to my online buddies, and several have taken me up on the offer. Not only have I been having fun knitting away like usual, but now I get PAID to do it! And at about $25 a pop, I'm pretty impressed with the money I'm bringing in. Every little bit counts. We want to pay off our student loans in a couple years and I'm going to put every bit towards that. So, with that purpose in mind, I knit away as I watch my favorite TV shows. Which will FINALLY be new this week... come on CBS!
Here are some of the awesome things I've gotten to knit for people:

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  1. Those look great Emily. I think at heart you are a true SAHM. Thanks for keeping us updated on everything. You are doing a great job. Be glad you have these opportunities;it won't be long until she is grown. Matt gets his license this week and it seems like he was this age just a short time ago.
    Take care,