Saturday, March 7, 2009

Warm Day

The last time it was warm Hadley wasn't even crawling yet! So, we've taken full advantage of the nice weather the last few days to go outside and play. She pushed her dolly stroller around the back patio. She waved at the neighbor's dogs. She walked up and down the sidewalk. She ate a leaf. She fell down and bonked her head. She touched the grass and decided she didn't like it! Lots of new experiences for one afternoon. Now she looks out the back door and knows what's out there. Here are some pictures of her first time playing outside:


  1. What a cutie! I was having one of those days but these pix made me smile. I needed that!


  2. Hello! Thanks for leaving a post on my blog! I'm gonna have to start reading yours now! I looked through some of your old posts and saw that you saw Kate at the home show. I was there too! I'm jealous you got your book signed. I brought mine but after seeing the line decided not to wait and I was so bummed. I was also bummed that she talked about all the stuff that was alread in her book. I wanted new information! What part of Indy do you live in? We live in Fishers.

  3. What adorable pics Emily. She has the most soulful eyes for such a small little person! Enjoy your time outside;it is freezing here. Ok, so comparatively, its not freezing but its cold. I'm so ready to be warm.
    Take care,