Monday, March 30, 2009

Diving for Coupons

Bryan and I went out tonight and dove for coupons. We go to the big green and yellow recycle dumpsters and look for discarded Sunday newspapers with the coupons in there. You'd be surprised how much you come away with. And those big dumpsters are at every church and school in the area, so we have tons to choose from! We came back with a ton of coupons! I love that it's free and it keeps us from being bored. I don't think there's anything free this week, but I should be able to get some stuff for cheap. Walgreens is having a good deal on Pepsi. It ends up being about 18 cents a can. Awesome. I'm stocking up for Bryan!
I'm going to use my Jo Anns coupon to get some stuff for Hadley's Easter basket. I'm not sure what all is going in there, but I will be getting a little retractable measuring tape like mine for sewing. She likes to pull it all the way out and then press the button to snap it back in. I don't want her to break mine, so I thought I'd get her her own to play with.
I'm off to knit and watch Chuck with my husband!

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