Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I love Spring

Last night we went to the park and had a fun time swinging and playing on the teeter totter. Hadley doesn't like to touch anything outside. If she loses her balance and falls, she is more upset that she had to touch the grass or mulch or dirt than the fact that she fell. She's my girly girl! It was so warm that I had to dig through her upcoming bigger/spring clothes to find her something to wear yesterday. It was so nice to just be outside and let her discover new things. She particularly likes the dogs next door, and she makes this little growl sound when she sees them. I think she's barking at them.
My mom and I (well, mostly my mom) worked in the back yard yesterday. We were digging up some stumps from some ugly bushes. I want to grow a vegetable garden out under my kitchen window, but I have a lot of work to get rid of all the rocks that the former owner used instead of mulch. It's so overwhelming! And there's no where to put them here, so we have to put them in garbage bags and have them taken with the trash. But those rocks are heavy! So it's going to take a lot of trash days to get them all gone. Slowly but surely.
I want to grow broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and something in the fall like a pumpkin or something. Now, I might be biting off more than I can chew considering how overwhelmed I am with simply getting started, but if all else fails...I will have tomatoes!!! I want to make my own Spaghetti sauce, because we just don't like any of the store bought brands, and they are so expensive!
There is a man at our church who has started up his own computer consulting company and he has hired Bryan to do some work for one of his clients. So, after Bryan gets off work from his day job, he gets to go spend an hour of two working for this client. We are very excited about the extra money we're going to get. He's actually making more hourly with the second job than with Schilli! So, with that money, and my knitting money, we're going to have a big payoff on the student loans this month!
My knitting is getting out of control! I have so many people on Diaper Swappers that want me to knit for them. I'm really excited, but I want to make sure I don't take on too much to handle. Everyone says I'm super quick though, so no unhappy customers yet.
I had a book party this weekend, and because I hosted and sold a certain amount, I get $40 in free childrens books. I'm so excited! Hadley's getting a lot of new books coming her way. I also took advantage of a 1/2 price sale they were having and got $50 in books for $25. Then, I can have them around to wrap up for Christmas/Birthday presents! Yeah!
I will add pics of the park later!

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